Adaptive Fully Managed

Server and Application SupportServer Performance Monitoring (Applications, Hardware and O/S) Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors in Server class for server class OS applications and hardware components as well as errors in server-based Windows Operating Systems.
Server Maintenance (hardware and O/S)Maintenance of server equipment to ensure reliability and continued high quality service. Optimizing hard drive performance, clearing logs & temp files and other check listed maintenance items. (This requires a current hardware maintenance agreement with the hardware vendor, e.g. Care Pack, etc.)
Microsoft Windows O/S ManagementHardware Patches, Feature Release, Hot fixes are updated on a regular basis to servers. This will be applied on Server class OS running on Server class hardware.
Server Endpoint Protection ManagementCovered servers are required to run antivirus software.
Unlimited Remote Server Support and TroubleshootingRemotely support Server class OS running Server class hardware and troubleshoot software and or hardware issues.
Unlimited Onsite Server Support and TroubleshootingOn an as needed basis.
Desktop Support ServicesDesktop Endpoint Protection MonitoringMonitoring of Desktop AV, Spyware, Antimalware service
Desktop Endpoint Protection ManagementEvery desktop connected to the client network is required to run antivirus software. This forms the second line of defense against viruses - ensuring that if infected files are opened on client computers, the virus is identified and file access stopped, preventing further infection.
Comprehensive Workstation Preventative Maintenancein addition to 24x7 workstation monitoring, plus basic maintenance activities such as defrags, patch management, disk cleanup, check disk etc.
Application ComplianceCreate an approved list of applications and design and enforce application standards for your organization's desktops to ensure that no employee installs prohibited software.
License Compliance ReportingMonitor and supply a regular report showing actual licenses consumed of a specific application, compared to the number of installations of that application. This allows compliance of vendor software licensing agreements and helps to avoid making unnecessary software purchases.
Unlimited Remote Workstation Support & TroubleshootingRemotely support desktop workstations running currently supported Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Unlimited Onsite Workstation Support and TroubleshootingOnsite support to troubleshoot software and or hardware issues.
Network Support ServicesRouter and Managed Switch Availability and Performance MonitoringMonitor the ongoing availability and connectivity of networking hardware as well as performance bandwidth, traffic and errors of networking hardware.
Unlimited Remote Support and Troubleshooting for Routers and Managed Switches Remotely support and troubleshoot software and or hardware issues.
Unlimited Onsite Support and Troubleshooting for Routers and Managed SwitchesOn a as needed basis.
Firmware UpdatesUpdates for all hardware related to firewalls, managed switches, wireless access points and routers.
Printer Support ServicesPrinter performance monitoringMonitoring of the ongoing availability and performance of the hardware and printing interface as well as monitoring networked printer connectivity, page counts, and toner levels, and specific printer error messages.
Disaster Recovery and Backup Support ServicesMonitored Backup SolutionMonitor success, failure or errors related to your on-site backup solution.
Security Support ServicesAvailability / Connectivity Monitoring, and Security Performance Monitoring - FirewallsMonitor availability and connectivity of the firewall to ensure the device is active. Monitor the health and operation of the firewall, including security incidents reported, network traffic, and device availability.
Firewall ManagementMaintain system version software and operating system of the firewall, continually manage policy and configuration changes; coordinate necessary service outages to minimize access and security interruptions.
IT Consulting ServicesQuarterly Network Health Review Meetings Regularly scheduled meetings to review a multitude of network health reports and use it as an opportunity to prioritize projects, plan budgets and discuss other solutions that can improve the network.
Reporting, technical analysis, technical usage, business impactRegular reports that have analysis of technical issues. They include: Windows patch levels/success, backup performance, O/S errors, security issues, application compliance and more.